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Mother's Day - Mother And Wife

Mother's day is approaching soon -a day to celebrate the motherhood. It is a day to thank mothers for all that they sacrifice for their children. A mother practically gives away her hobbies, her inter........ Read More

Devotion: One Mother’s Perspective

As I gently wake in the morning to the sun’s first subtle peek through my dark bamboo shades, I turn onto my left side and a smile quickly overtakes the corners of my mouth. My senses are filled wi........ Read More

Mother’s Advice For Optimal Memory

Remember when you were still young and mother would tell you to eat your vegetables, go to bed early, and do all those sort of stuffs which you dislike? It turns out that your mom (although she might ........ Read More

Top 5 Things Your Mother Never Told You About Giving Gifts

If your mom's like mine, she probably gave you lots of advice on what to do about mostly everything, including giving gifts. But sometimes what your mother didn't tell you about giving gifts is what........ Read More

Why Are American Mothers Mad While French Mothers Have Fun?

Every once in a while, you'll find a book that really stands out from the rest. No, it isn't the latest Harry Potter bestseller. This book entitled, Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxie........ Read More

Milk Soy Protein Intolerance: A Mother's Perspective

I first learned of Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI) in the office of a pediatric gastroenterologist's office with my seven-week-old son, Max. After the first week of his life Max lost weight and ........ Read More

Mothers & Daughters, Sells & Buyers

Who said language doesn't matter in making relationships work? In an interview with Deborah Tannen, whose new book, You're Wearing That? Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation, has just ........ Read More

Mother's Day Gifts Made Easy

Sometimes, it seems unfortunate that most of the people who shop for Mother’s Day gifts are husbands, fathers and children. Taken together as a whole, they are usually not the greatest shoppers. Luc........ Read More

Mother's Day Gifts | Top 10 Gifts For Mom

Spending statistics compiled for the National Retail Federation show that eight out of ten Americans celebrate Mother's Day, and spend nearly $100 on average for Mother’s Day gifts, (men spend more ........ Read More

Sewing Machines: A High-tech Gift For Mother's Day

What contains computer chips, an LCD touch-screen control panel, USB ports and the capability of connecting to the Internet? The answer: today's high-tech sewing machine. The same advances in digita........ Read More

Mothers And Kids Deal With Anxiety

To assume that only corporate executives, obsessive socialites, and market-crazy entrepreneurs feel anxiety is simply incorrect. The fact is, with all the pressures and concerns in the world today, ev........ Read More

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Is your Mom into artistic expression? This Mother's Day give her a gift that is sure to bring out the author in her. Mom will appreciate the thought you give to a gift more than anyone else. And she ........ Read More

Mother’s Day Jewelry

For mom, there is nothing you won’t do. When it comes to showing how much she means to you, it gets complicated. Most moms are happy with homemade creations when their children are young, and most........ Read More

Choosing The Right Motherboard For You

The motherboard is the heart of any computer. It is that big flat board inside the computer that everything is connected to. It performs the role directing information and connecting components. A mo........ Read More

Definition Of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the use of chemical agents to treat or control diseases. It works by killing fast dividing cells like cancerous cells and other healthy cells which include hair follicles, bone marrow,........ Read More


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