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The Water-babies

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The Water-Babies

Synopsis:Tom, a poor orphan, is employed by the cruel and villainous chimney master, Grimes, to climb up inside flues to clear away the soot. While engaged in this dreadful task, he loses his way and emerges in the bedroom of Ellie, the young daughter of the house who mistakes him for a thief. He runs away, and, hot and bothered, he slips into a cooling stream, falls fast asleep, and becomes a water baby.

And he goes thorough all sorts of adventures, all of which have morals to teach, before becoming a creature of the land again, as a grown man. In this new life, he meets all sorts of aquatic creatures, including an engaging old lobster, other water babies, and at last reaches St Branden's Isle where he encounters the fierce Mrs Bedonbyasyoudid and the motherly Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby. After a long and arduous quest to the Other-end-of-Nowhere young Tom achieves his heart's desire.

Amazing is Kingsley's forward-thinking regarding the environment and pollution, and the raising of children in a kind and forgiving manner

He doesn't believe in physical, psychological, verbal punishment. It's cute how he talks directly to his 4-year-old, for whom he wrote the book.

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Caring For Babies

RRP $31.99

This guide to working with babies for child care students concentrates not only on the physical care of the baby, but also on stimulating activities which should help promote the baby's development and provide foundations for its later learning.

The Water-babies, A Fairy Tale For A Land Baby

RRP $13.99

Charles Kingsley was one of the most influential members of the Church of England during the 19th century, and he wrote a number of Christian books that continue to be read by people of all denominations today.However, he also wrote this kids book in the 1860s.


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