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A Royal Baby Surprise

RRP $17.99

A Royal Baby Surprise Chasing a man around the world to tell him she's pregnant is the hardest thing Brooke Davis has ever had to do. But Nic Alessandro has a surprise for Brooke too: he's a prince! And, although Brooke is an unsuitable match, their attraction is hotter than ever...That Night with the CEO PR guru Melanie Costello has been hired to transform the image of rebel billionaire Adam Langford - but memories of their red-hot night together a year ago make it a daunting task. Especially since Adam is determined to have her back in his bed...

One For My Baby

RRP $24.99

The book introduces us to Sinatra's life and art seen from an unconventional point of view: Ol’ Blue Eyes’ prodigious appetite for alcohol. Drinking was an integral part of his character, his lifestyle and (by extension) his creative output. This book also functions as a practical cocktail manual, containing more than 30 detailed recipes for preparing and presenting fancy drinks he was known to enjoy himself; as well as providing information on some of Sinatra’s own personal drinking lore and some of the traditions he followed or inspired.

There are also accounts of some of his favorite watering holes (from legendary saloons such as Toots Shor’s and Jilly’s to Villa Capri or Monte’s Venetian Room), profiles of famous drinking buddies (such as Humphrey Bogart or Mike Romanoff) and a selection of drinking stories. The book begins with an essay looking at the role drink played throughout his life and ends with a consideration of his most enduring persona—The Last Saloon Singer. In between there are chapters on Classic Bourbon drinks, the Martini, Exotic Booze, Hangover Remedies and The Rat Pack.

About the Author

Tom Smith performed throughout the 1980s with cult bands The Fire Hydrant Men and Cas Carnaby Five and was front man for Gee Mr. Tracy. In 2000, after a dozen years as a label manager for independent record labels he became a freelance writer. He has written biographies of Blondie and The Ramones and written regularly on music. His artwork has appeared on various posters, album and single covers and his 2011 exhibition Jockey Full of Bourbon centered around paintings of Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Tom Waits. Earlier this year he exhibited with his wife Helen under the joint title The Smiths.

How To Have A Smarter Baby

RRP $15.99

Dr. Susan Ludington-Hoe's internationally acclaimed Infant Stimulation Program has shown thousands of parents how to have healthier, happier, and smarter babies. In this important book, Dr. Ludington-Hoe shares with you the remarkable techniques and learning toys she developed and tested--with dramatic results--with parents and children. Stressing the development of a close and loving relationship between you and your child, she shows you what to do at every stage--during pregnancy, the first days after birth and the crucial first six months--to expand your joys in parenting and maximize your baby's physical and mental potential. You'll learn how to:
∑ Plan a pregnancy diet to promote your baby's brain growth
∑ Design a nursery that will stimulate mental and physical development
∑ Make and/or buy inexpensive toys to accelerate muscular and eye coordination
∑ Tailor your program to your infant's needs
∑ Talk to baby in captivating ways that will encourage language development
∑ Include father to bond the whole family in a relaxed, nurturing, and loving environment
..".an extremely clear treatise on infant development and the use of various toys and techniques designed for each stage."--"Los Angeles Times


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