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Baby Turtle's Tale

RRP $17.99

Accord's bestselling undersea AniMotion adventure, now perfectly sized for preschoolers.

Accord's best-selling Baby Turtle's Tale follows late-hatching Baby Turtle as he begins a quest to cross the ocean and unite with his family at the coral reef. Redesigned for smaller hands, but still featuring Accord's full-color AniMotion panels, this miniature version of Baby Turtle's Tale emphasizes the importance of self-reliance and introduces topics like ecology and conservation.

Suitable for younger readers, this edition features a board book format and an abridged version ofBaby Turtle's Tale that retains all of the thrills of the original underwater AniMotion adventure, but is now perfectly suited to the preschool crowd.

The Babylonian Story Of The Deluge And The Epic Of Gilgamish - 1920

RRP $39.95

In 1845-47 and again in 1849-51 Mr. (later Sir) A. H. Layard carried out a series of excavations among the ruins of the ancient city of Nineveh, " that great city, wherein are more " than sixteen thousand persons that cannot discern between " their right hand and their left; and also much cattle "' (Jonah iv, 11). Its ruins lie on the left or east bank of the Tigris, exactly opposite the town of Al-Mawsil, or Mosul, which was founded by the Sassanians and marks the site of Western Nineveh. At first Layard thought that these ruins were not those of Nineveh, which he placed at Nimrud, about 20 miles downstream, but of one of the other cities- that were builded by Asshur (see Gen. x, 11, 12). Thanks, however, to Christian, Roman and Muhammadan tradition, there is no room for doubt about it, and the site of Nineveh has always been known...

G'noo The Baby Roo's First Christmas

RRP $13.99

"G'Noo the Baby Roo's First Christmas" was first conceived of as a holiday bedtime story for my children. There is even an audio recording of the original story which I made for them back in the late 1990's. Eventually, it evolved into a stage play intended for young audiences. "G'Noo" is a short children's play about a young kangaroo, known as a "joey", who sees humans celebrating Christmas by exchanging presents but isn't quite sure what to make of it. Eventually, G'Noo asks her parents about the holiday but they aren't quite sure what it's all about, either. The play focuses on what would happen if there were no human around to teach animals what Christmas is all about. How would these animals interpret a "Christmas" beyond its religious significance? However you celebrate the holiday season, please enjoy your time with "G'Noo the Baby Roo" and may all your holidays bring you nothing but joy.


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