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A Child's Treasure

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Grow to love the Lord more deeply through these meditations written by children for children. With insight into how Mother Mary loves Jesus, authors Derek Rebello, Elsa Schiavone and Michael Boas show us how to follow Him more closely in our everyday lives as we discover that our faith is truly our greatest treasure.

Abnormal Children (psychology Revivals)

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Born in Vienna in 1864, Bernard Hollander was a London-based psychiatrist. He is best known for being one of the main proponents of phrenology. This title, originally published in 1916, deals with "the nervous defects of children, and the various forms and degrees of mental and moral deficiency that may occur from infancy up to the age of twenty-one." Very much of its time, it looks at both what it calls the "subnormal" and the "supernormal" child, the causes of abnormality, and suggests ways of educating children in order to minimise their defects and maximise their abilities. This is an opportunity to enjoy a historical look at child psychology from the early twentieth century.

Issues In Expressive Arts Curriculum For Early Childhood

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Presents an Australian perspective on the issues in expressive arts in early childhood education by authors who are researching, teaching and actively involved in the arts as theatre directors, painter designers, adjudicators, advisers, actors or arts administrators in community organizations at the national and international level. It constitutes a collective look at the arts and young children. This volume covers a wide spectrum of arts areas, including the roles of the teacher as co-worker, collaborator, guide, facilitator and stage-manager; the tertiary educator in indigenous art, improvizational drama, and movement and dance; and the early childhood adviser in national, non-commercial television production. In addition, there is discussion on the national broadcasting standards required for children's commercial television production in Australia, the value of language and literature in the lives of young children and experimental programmes for theatre companies and symphony orchestras.


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