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The Children Who Smelled A Rat

RRP $15.99

The fourth of Allan Ahlberg's mini-masterpieces for early readers. In this thrilling, thunderous (and extra-long) Gaskitt story, Mrs Gaskitt finds a parcel, Mr Gaskitt loses a baby, Horace has mixed feelings about a bird, and the twins' teacher, Mrs Fritter, is - ooer! - not herself. Why? How? When? Why? (again). The children smell a rat!

Cedric Dean's New Life Curriculum-how To Stop Your Children From Going To Prison

RRP $13.99

CEDRIC DEAN is a leader, an educator, and sometimes even a psychologist. But most of all, he is a mentor, motivating the misguided with the same sizzling enthusiasm that allowed him to transform from a gangster to a genius. Growing up in Charlotte, N.C., he had aspirations of being a thug, but after regimented years of learning, labor and loneliness, he preserved. Now he is committed to teaching the misguided the mistake in not learning from his mistakes. Cedric Dean's New Life Curriculum -How To Stop Your Children From Going To Prison is designed to help stop the 9 to 15 million at risk youth in America from going to prison. This guide will lend a hand to parents and help properly train a next generation of productive citizens and dismantle the pipeline to prison and premature death.

Assessing Children's Well Being

RRP $366.99

Behavioral medicine has now matured as a field to the point where all recognize that different populations are presented with different issues. Psychological reactions and patterns affect the health and well-being of children, as well as adults, and numerous standardized instruments for the assessment of a variety of areas of children's functioning are currently available. Yet, it can be difficult for practitioners and researchers searching through general compendia of resources for child assessment--which are frequently focused on general techniques rather than specific instruments--to identify the optimal ones to meet their particular needs and to choose among them.
This practical and comprehensive reference guide is the first to sort, present, and review all the measures that can be used to evaluate the behavioral, cognitive, and emotional aspects of children's health. It organizes the measures under eight general headings, such as quality of life, adherence, pain management, and patient satisfaction. Each chapter begins with a leading authority's overview of the underlying theoretical construct and any concerns about how to measure it. Descriptions and reviews of relevant instruments follow; these include information on administration, scoring, psychometric properties, and ordering, as well as comments by the instruments' developers.
"Assessing Children's Well-Being: A Handbook of Measures" will be welcomed by all those professionals and scientists who seek to assess and effectively address the complex interactions between physical health and mental health in children.


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