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Children's Healthcare And Parental Media Engagement In Urban China

RRP $274.99

This book analyses parental anxieties about their children's healthcare issues in urban China, engaging with wider theoretical debates about modernity, risk and anxiety. It examines the broader social, cultural and historical contexts of parental anxiety by analysing a series of socio-economic changes and population policy changes in post-reform China that contextualise parental experiences. Drawing on Wilkinson's (2001) conceptualisation linking individual's risk consciousness to anxiety, this book analyses the situated risk experiences of parents' and grandparents', looking particularly into their engagement with various types of media. It studies the representations of health issues and health-related risks in a parenting magazine, popular newspapers, commercial advertising and new media, as well as parents' and grandparents' engagement with and response to these media representations. By investigating 'a culture of anxiety' among parents and grandparents in contemporary China, this book seeks to add to the scholarship of contemporary parenthood in a non- Western context. 

How To Build A Children?s Party Supplies Store (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.

Suffer The Children

RRP $49.99

FIVE STARS 'Mysterious, intelligent and wonderfully creepy.' (The Reader's Hollow)

'Ultimately, Selwood has written what can only be described as a perfect short story. Any reader who loves a high quality work of fiction will definitely appreciate this short story, because the research alone is fascinating - it is rich with interesting information and references, but it also captures a pleasantly dark mood. There is nothing predictable about the story and the only way to know what is going to happen next is by reading the next page.' (Horrorpalace)

It is 1904, and an Oxford don decides to spend the Christmas vacation conducting research in rural Norfolk. But in the library of the country house where he is staying, he finds the records of a terrifying tragedy.

A short story. A homage to M R James.


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