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Relaxing Tales For Children

RRP $22.99

Relaxing Tales for Children is the sequel to Sleepy Bedtime Tales, which introduced a revolutionary new approach to helping children sleep, which Dan Jones had developed over 15 years ago during his time working in children's homes with children who struggled to fall asleep. Relaxing Tales for Children uses these same techniques, but the stories are focused on helping children to relax, rather than helping them to fall asleep. Each of the eleven stories follow the same characters who were in the stories in Sleepy Bedtime Tales as they take on different adventures. These stories are ideal for reading to children at home to help them to relax, or to read to groups of children at 'story time'. The target age range for these stories is 4-7 year old's, although the approach works with younger and older children than this age range. The stories have all been written to be read to children, rather than by children, so that they can relax and listen along with their eyes closed imagining the stories unfold.

30 Ways A Mother Can Bless Her Children

RRP $9.99

Based on biblical elements, "The Blessing" isn't just another parenting tip or formulait's a powerful, yet simple, biblical concept that will strengthen all your relationships. Perfect for parents with children of any age. Easily give your kids the affirmation and relationship that your kids need and desire in 30 easy, affordable, and practical ways.

A Quick Guide To Children's Oral Health

RRP $12.99

This guide for parents or caregivers of young children provides very quick and basic information on oral care for teeth and gums from infancy to adolescence. It includes basic information on the care of an infant's mouth and gums in the early months before teeth come in, when to expect teeth to come in, brushing and flossing techniques, dental care products, and other health issues related to early childhood dental care. Following these steps to proper care at home and regular visits to a dentist and dental hygienist can help lead to a lasting, healthy smile.


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