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The Infant Jesus Of Prague

RRP $7.95

Historian-theologian Father Ludvik Nemec shares his research on the devotion of the Infant Jesus of Prague, giving a concise history and providing a multitude of prayers to the Infant Jesus for all occasions and various states in life.

Abusive Head Trauma In Infants And Children Guide/atlas, And Supplementary Cd-rom : A Medical, Legal, And Forensic Reference

RRP $964.99

Abusive Head Trauma in Infants and Children; Medical, Legal, and Forensic Issues combines alt aspects of abusive head trauma cases--medical, social service, investigative, legal and preventive--into one complete reference. All professionals involved in identifing children at risk, diagnosing injuries, investigating allegations, implementing services and strategizing for prevention will find this book a tremendous resource. In addition to reviewing the most up-to-date information on mechanisms of injury, pathophysiology, and physical findings, Abusive Head Trauma in Infants and Children details the application of medical science to the investigation and prosecution of these cases as well as issues of long-term outcome, developmental and educational needs and strategies for community education and prevention. A case study chapter gives the learner an opportunity to apply the information. This textual and visual reference addresses all forms of abusive head trauma--including shaking injuries. These volumes clearly describe the mechanisms involved in inflicted head injuries, and outline steps used to discover abusive head injuries in the absence of the external signs of trauma. Abusive Head Trauma Supplementary CD-ROM depicts how head injuries occur using 3-D images and animation. This product is valuable for explaining the complex biomechanics of abusive head injury to investigators, mandated reporters, and jurors.

Nutrient Regulation During Pregnancy, Lactation And Infant Growth

RRP $348.99

Almost every aspect of energy and nutrient metabolism is altered by hormonal and other physiological changes during pregnancy and lactation. While it is evident that hormonal adjustments affect nutrient requirements, these are rarely considered when nutrient recommen- dations are made for pregnant or lactating women, and often neglected during evaluation of nutritional status. In addition, changes in nutrient metabolism during the stages of pregnancy and oflactation are usually considered separately, while in reality events during pregnancy can have a major influence on nutritional status and nutrient requirements during lactation. The purpose of this volume is to describe changes in the metabolism of important nutrients during pregnancy and lactation, including the physiological basis for these changes and their implications for nutrient requirements and assessment. Authors have considered such issues as inter-relationships between endocrine changes and nutrient metabolism at the tissue, cellular and molecular level; alterations in nutrient binding proteins; the efficiency of nutrient absorp- tion and retention; and the impact on maternal as well as fetal nutritional status. Another unique aspect of this book is the focus on pregnancy and lactation as a continuum.


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