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A Mother's Gift: With The Matchmakers And The Courtship Of Carol Sommars

RRP $23.99

Matchmaking children bring their mothers the best gift of all - love!

The Matchmakers
Dori Robertson's little son wants a new father. He's already chosen the guy - his sporting hero, Gavin Parker. And Gavin's daughter wants her dad to marry again, too. Gavin suggests he and Dori start dating, just to keep the kids happy. But their children have some more tricks up their sleeves!

The Courtship of Carol Sommars
Peter Sommars is fifteen and he needs a little more independence. Which is why he'd like his mum, Carol, to start dating. He even knows the perfect man - Alex Preston, his best friend's dad. Now Peter just has to make sure that his mum meets Alex...

Make time for friends. Make time for Debbie Macomber.

My Mother's Pickled Beets

RRP $13.99

In this book are 8 lessons that I learned from my parents. I recall a simpler time in my life where spending time with family was more important than any material possessions. This was a time before computers and cell phones that occupy so many of a family's time today. As a newly committed follower of Christ, I realize that many of the lessons I learned from my parents, I am trying to follow today.

Parenting For Single Mothers

RRP $16.99

Parent effectiveness training for mothers: With the changing social dynamics in the society, it is only natural to expect motherhood to progress and develop. In today's world, single moms are not only a common but also an encouraging phenomenon. This allows single women the autonomy to create their own families. On the flipside, there is an overall lack of proper guidance on being a single mother, which is frustrating and disappointing. Single parenting can be tricky, especially if you are not in it by choice. If you have had a spouse or a partner who helped you with raising the kids, but circumstances force you to do the job on your own, then it can be frustrating and extremely demanding. This is why 'Parenting for Single Mothers: Being a Good Mom and Raising Great Kids' is an ideal guide for single mothers. Through this book, you can learn the best possible emotional, financial and social setting to bring up healthy and smart children. You will learn: - How to be prepared as a single mother parent. - Being a great parent at every stage in your child's life. - How to deal with the issue of absent parent from your child/children's life. - Tips, suggestion for running yours household efficiently and within your budget. - Dealing with financial security and financial needs of your child/children. - Introducing the new man in your life to your child/children


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