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Kisses From A Jewish Mother Omnibus

RRP $18.99

Older Women Erotica (Role play) I signed up with the fantasy maid service three months ago. The ad said age was not a problem. Yeah, Right! 2/2015

Akka, My Mother

RRP $12.99

Emotions and language....! Are there any specifications to express emotions? In terms of emotions, it's an expressive language. All the emotions are the same irrespective of cast, race, religion and more importantly languages. It's a universal language. The face, the eyes and the lips are the media to reach one's heart and mind. Expression is the best mirror of any thought or emotion. The other term of the same category is 'Feelings'. It is more expressive. To feel means to understand or experience by heart and mind. Music is also related with emotions. I heard a lot of music since my childhood. I hardly remember the lyrics but can't forget the music. The violin piece used in 'Kaheta hai babul...' sung by Amitjee is close to my heart. 'Rang dilki dhadkan...' an old number sung by Latajee. This is the emotional music. I would like to share an experience of a Japanese movie 'Midnight Sun', without any subtitles. It touched me because of the emotionalize characters. I involved in the movie without understanding a single word. When I decided to write Akka's story, I never thought about the language but the emotions of it. My sincere wish was to reach the maximum people. I recalled my teacher. He used to say 'read in between two lines'. When I wrote the story and felt its tender feel not in the words but in the blank spaces. The big question how to take the readers to these blank spaces of emotions? While transforming emotions in to words two things emerged. Number one 'emotions' never err. Number two the 'words' may err. Just imagine what would be the fate of the mankind without emotions? Every act was expressive. The expressive emotions converted in languages. But the base of every language is none other than the 'emotion'. Which language was used by Mother Teresa who lapped the innocent orphan for the first time? Was it Bengali, Hindi or English? Her angel's work never faced this language problem. The tender touch of her palm brought a smile on the face of an innocent child. All the five senses of a human being work to teach love, peace and harmony. How Akka faced the totally different atmosphere in the father in law family? The language was never been an obstacle to her. Then why we are worried about the language? Let's feel it. The two beautiful mothers will guide us. Don't stop the stream of 'E M O T I O N S.' Let it flow. Please enter in the characters and be a part of this story of 103 years. It is simple, readable and emotional. Experience it.

Eric's Heart... When A Mother Grieves

RRP $56.99

Journey along with mother and child as Laura Lynn Sargent shares her story about her son, Eric. Eric was ornery and silly, loving and affectionate; he was also brave. Eric was born with severe congenital heart disease. Time and again, he boldly faced medical giants and won the battle. Eventually, the disease took its toll, and Eric died when he was six.

Eric was precious in God's sight. During his last heart surgery, he underwent a procedure called circulatory arrest, which left him with no heartbeat or oxygen for just short of an hour. Three weeks later, Eric told his mommy about going to heaven. In heaven, he had a new body without scars. He also described the four living creatures around the throne of God and the noise they made, but he wouldn't describe God. He said, "You're not supposed to know." In 2 Corinthians 12:1-4, Paul describes a similar visit to heaven, where he "heard inexpressible things, things no one is supposed to tell."

Eric died of heart failure five months after his last surgery. Losing Eric left a gaping hole in Laura's heart. The road to healing was long and exhaustive; over time and little by little, God's comfort and compassion gently wiped away her tears.

God put a call on Laura's life to write Eric's story-her story-more than thirty years ago. Being a recent empty-nester, her home is quiet for the first time in thirty-eight years. Thus, a perfect scenario to write Eric's Heart ... When a Mother Grieves.


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