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The Archaeology Of Mothering

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Using archaeological materials recovered from a housesite in Mobile, Alabama, Laurie Wilkie explores how one extended African-American family engaged with competing and conflicting mothering ideologies in the post-Emancipation South.

Mothering As A Metaphor For Ministry

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Drawing together original research which weaves together ideas from theology, philosophy, feminism and writing on mothering and child development, Emma Percy affirms and encourages aspects of good practice in ministry that are in danger of being overlooked because they are neither well-articulated nor valued. Offering a fresh look at parish ministry, this book uses a maternal metaphor to provide an integrated image of being and doing. The metaphor of mothering is used to explore the relational aspect of parish ministry which needs to value particularity and concrete contingent responsiveness. Percy suggests virtues that need to be cultivated to guard against the temptations to intrusive or domineering styles of care on the one hand or passive abnegation of responsibility on the other. Parish ministry cannot be understood in terms of tangible productivity; different ways of understanding success and evaluating priorities need to be developed. The book suggests ways of being 'good enough' clergy who can find the right balance between caring for people and communities whilst encouraging and acknowledging the maturity of others.

Mothering Mother

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It is a transforming time for everyone involved when an aging adult begins to require more assistance and care from loved ones. Little by little, as elderly adults are asked to let go of things they have always done or cherished, caregivers attempt to fill their lives with love, warmth, and security-all while blindly navigating through an uncertain time. Martha Eischen has been there. Over the course of ten years, she was responsible for her mother's total care. In "Mothering Mother, " she shares not only her perspective, but also practical advice and valuable resources as she leads other caregivers-both novice and experienced-down a road of compassion and complete understanding. Martha shares a deeply emotional story as she details her mother's end-of-life journey and how she, in turn, learned how to provide personal care, partner with medical professionals, and deal with altered family dynamics. As she describes her life as a caregiver, she clearly identifies emotions, changes in roles, keys to keeping her mother active, and day-to-day care issues. "Mothering Mother" is a loving, encouraging guidebook that will help caregivers everywhere fill the last days of a loved one's life with love, security, and fond memories.


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